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Coin Laundry Association Celebrates 50 Years


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Welcome to the Wisconsin

Self-Serve Laundry Association

** Celebrating Over 50 Years of Service! **


Who is looking out for your business?

Do you have 1 store or multiple stores in different towns and cities?

What is happening in your area of the state?

Are you looking to talk to other Laundry Owners?

Do you know what is happening with Taxes that could affect your business?

Are your cost going up or down?

 The WSLA is looking to hear from you.




WISCONSIN SELF-SERVICE AND DRYCLEANERS, INC. was formed in 1963 to fight against a proposed sales tax for self-service laundry patrons. This fight continues today.

Since that early beginning, the association is now known as Wisconsin Self-Service Laundry Association (WSLA) and has grown to encompass many Laundromat operators, equipment vendors and distributors; providing educational seminars, equipment showcases, service schools, camaraderie and long-time friendships within the membership and associates.

Through this camaraderie, members share information to better their businesses and learn about new opportunities in the Laundromat industry. As a result of their efforts, WSLA was voted "1997 Affiliate of the Year"by the Coin Laundry Association, CLA.    




Join the Wisconsin Self-Serve Laundry and Coin Laundry Associations for one low price.

WSLA, an affiliate of CLA, is inviting new members to participate in our Association. Dues for new members are $240 for one store, $270 for two or more stores. These dues provide membership in BOTH state and national associations.

(Trade magazines included)

Membership Application: (click here)

Legislative Hot Topics:

Stay Informed

  • Sales Tax for Coin Operated Machines
  • Weights and Measures "Clearing House Rule 09-105"
  • Sales Tax Consortium
  • The Health Care bill has over 50 tax implications included, be sure to talk to your Tax Planner or the IRS Small Business Liaison in your area

Find out how your elected

officials are voting:


Contact Information

    210 Caroline St
    Plymouth, WI 53073


Postal address

    210 Caroline St
    Plymouth, WI 53073

Electronic mail
General Information: Info@WSLA.org


WSLA Benefits

 Formed in 1963

 Brought together Operators, Vendors, and Distributors

 Monitors and Lobbies Wisconsin Legislature on the behalf of Laundromat Owners

 Join the CLA and WSLA for one price

 Monitors New Legislature such as the current Weights and Measures Bill - "Clearing House Rule 09-105"

 Online Forum for Members through the CLA

 Online Free Website creation and hosting through the CLA

 DIY Advertising options through CLA for members only

 WSLA ByLaws




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